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ponds Eden Landscapes

Pond design backed by
25 years of landscaping experience

Still waters. Dappled sunlight. Birds, frogs and other wildlife making a show for the kids. It all adds up to the kind of peace and wonder that a pond-less garden can’t quite replicate. Eden Landscapes can rectify that for you.

What kind of pond would you like?

Small? Large? One that’s shallow and brings in frogs and dragonflies? A deep pond that can house fish? Do you want a pond insert or a natural pond dug into the ground? There’s a lot of scope for creating the pond that you want for your property. One that has the functionality you want, incorporating high-quality materials so that it lasts and minimises wear and tear. One that works with your property and the overall atmosphere that you want to convey. We can provide that pond for you via a seamless design and installation service.

ponds eden landscape customer

A proven and established  pond installer

Our team at Eden Landscapes have a portfolio of landscaping work that can give you an idea of how we can enhance your property. Not just for your own individual requirements, but also when it comes to that market value too. Vetted by Marshalls, you don’t have to worry about the quality and reliability of our service. And with awards from Marshalls as well as work showcased on major TV networks like the BBC and ITV, we’ve got that all-important pedigree too. Have the right pond for your home with Eden.

Why choose our  pond designers?

Tailored pond design

Vetted by Marshalls

Professional installation

As seen on TV!

Quality materials used

25 years in the business

Proven service

marshalls register national award winner 2018-19

Marshalls Register National Award Winner

Qualified staff with 25 years’ experience

As seen on BBC, ITV and Channel 4

For the perfect pond for your garden,
call Eden Landscapes on 01248 543017

You can also reach us by email or via the form provided.

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